Data Translation Lowers Entry Price for High Accuracy Temperature Measurement Instruments

8 channel version extends up to 48 channels as needed

MARLBORO, MA  July 31, 2008 − Data Translation announces lower cost versions of its popular TEMPpoint™ temperature measurement instrument. TEMPpoint now offers customers an 8-channel entry level version that can be easily extended to 16, 24, 32, 40, or 48 channels over time. This modularity allows customers to upgrade their system as needed while keeping their entry-level costs low.

TEMPpoint instruments are stand-alone boxes offering 8 to 48 separate 24-bit resolution inputs, each with its own A/D converter and CJC circuit, providing the ultimate in accurate temperature measurement. Thermocouple or RTD versions are available, as well as a USB or Ethernet (LXI) port for connecting to a PC.

“Feedback from initial users of our TEMPpoint instruments has shown the need for lower cost, lower channel count versions,” said Fred Molinari, President and CEO. “By offering plug-in boards of eight channels each, we are able to lower the cost and keep all the features of TEMPpoint.”

Key Design Features of Modular TEMPpoint Offering Unmatched Accuracy

o Up to 48 dedicated 24-bit A/D converters for ultimate resolution

o Up to 48 dedicated CJC circuits guarantee ultra-high (+/-0.01%) accuracy.

o 1000V Channel-to-Channel galvanic isolation for superior signal protection

o Anytime auto-calibration guarantees accuracy

o Automatic linearization of B, E, J, K, N, R, S, and T standard thermocouples

o Simultaneous throughput across all channels at rates up to 10Hz/channel

o Compact, rugged 2U rack-mountable enclosure

TEMPpoint Application Software

TEMPpoint software enables customers to utilize the full functionality of their TEMPpoint instrument. The TEMPpoint application is complete with a chart recorder to view and analyze up to 48 channels as well as export directly to MicrosoftTM Excel. The channel overview provides a digital readout of up to 48 channels in one easy-to-view window. Post analysis, zoom and print functions are provided in the file viewer. Setting limits and controlling external events are also included in this turnkey application. The TEMPpoint application is an executable program created with Measure Foundry™ that can be easily modified or expanded to meet a particular need.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing for TEMPpoint ranges from $2,995 to $8,495 depending on number of channels (8-48), sensor input type (Thermocouple or RTD), and interface to PC (USB or Ethernet).

See for full pricing.

Low cost versions of TEMPpoint will be shipping in August.

Please click the link below to see an image of TEMPpoint along with other TEMPpoint documents.

About The Company

Data Translation, Inc. is a leading supplier of high performance USB data acquisition hardware and software to the test and measurement market. With over thirty years of experience, customers have come to rely on Data Translation because of its world-class software, design proficiency, high-quality manufacturing, and respected customer service.