Crystal Group Introduces Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Calculator for the Rugged Server Market

When purchasing a high reliability rackmount server, some buyers may only look at the initial purchase price of the unit without considering the TCO

Hiawatha, Iowa, USA - Crystal Group Inc., a trusted manufacturer of rugged commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) custom-developed computers, displays, switches, and storage devices, today announced that companies and organizations now can determine their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of rugged server class computers through a calculator on Crystal Group's website.

When purchasing a high reliability rackmount server, some buyers may only look at the initial purchase price of the unit without considering the TCO. Beyond the initial cost of the server there are hard and soft costs to consider. The hard costs associated with a server are easy to recognize - it's the hidden soft costs, such as production downtime, system maintenance, and recertification that have a significant impact on TCO. Depending on the application, these factors can tip the balance of which server is best for the application.

Most companies make buying decisions based on price alone, resulting in miscalculation of actual operating costs. With the TCO calculator, users account for all relevant factors when determining their total cost of ownership including overhead, potential production loss, and other business costs. Once a buyer's data is input into the calculator, they will receive a total cost of ownership analysis report.

"The Total Cost of Ownership calculator provides a tool for computer hardware buyers to analyze rugged and non-rugged hardware costs in a side by side comparison," said David Chase, Crystal Group's Marketing Manager. "Our calculator allows decision makers to determine which computer hardware scenario best meets their company's or organization's profitability and strategic objectives based on their input and risk profile. Simply, the calculator provides information for more objective decision making."

The TCO calculator allows the user to input numerous hard and soft costs for both ruggedized, and non-ruggedized hardware. The calculator will then provide the user with a graphical breakdown of the cost of their unit over the life of the system, allowing the user to determine which type of hardware they should be purchasing.

To calculate rugged server TCO visit the Crystal Group website at[...].

About Crystal Group Inc.

Crystal Group Inc., an employee-owned small business located in Hiawatha, Iowa, USA, is a technology innovation leader specializing in both custom and COTS products for defense, government and industrial markets since 1987. Crystal Group designs and manufactures installation-ready rugged servers, displays, networking devices, embedded systems, and storage devices that fit critical applications in demanding environmental conditions.