Cost Effective Strategic Solution of Flow Chemistry

The MRT systems market is growing rapidly due to its unmatched potential in energy savings, efficiency in operation, fast and safe process and sustainable production.

The Flow Chemistry Market is highly competitive in nature as the technology is quite new in nature. The major focus of report is on Micro reactor systems which is a highly growing and challenging market. The market for micro reactors is still in development stages, but expected to grow at significant rates in future. The major players in the Micro reactors (MRT) markets discussed in the report are Syrris (U.K), Ehrfeld (Germany), IMM (Germany), YMC (Japan), Chemtrix (Netherlands), DSM (Netherlands), Future Chemistry (Netherlands) etc. The market is highly competitive and fierce in nature due to less suppliers and many customers. The customers of MRT systems are mainly from chemicals, pharmaceuticals background. Academia research and laboratories are also the leading applications for these systems.

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About 60% of the total MRT module manufacturers are located in Europe with Asia Pacific capturing 20% share in 2012. The leading manufacturers in Europe are located in Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, U.K. Syrris (U.K) is the market leader in the MRT systems market globally. The major players in the business are highly focusing collaborations and agreements in terms of combined developments, distribution agreements, supply contracts as a part of growth strategies to tap the highly competitive market.

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The competition in the business is moderately high as top players such as DSM, Corning have high technical expertise in large scale production, while other players in the market are mainly focused on supplying pilot or lab scale devices. The issues related to dumping are seen in the recent years in the MRT market. Threat exist from new entrants in the market is less at present due to small market size but expected to rise in future.