Chassis Plans Releases New Unique Wall Mount Industrial PC Computer Enclosure

The W5Chassis is unique in the market, offering an ATX computer enclosure designed exclusively for wall and bulkhead mounting.

Front view of W5Chassis w/ door open
Front view of W5Chassis w/ door open

San Diego, CA - January 16, 2006 - Chassis Plans, The Original Industrial Computer Source, today released the W5Chassis family of rugged wall mount and bulkhead mount industrial PC computer enclosures.

The W5Chassis is unique in the market, offering an ATX computer enclosure designed exclusively for wall and bulkhead mounting. Other wallmount computers are simply reworked desktop or rack mount designs. The W5Chassis is a clean paper design with no compromises in functionality.

The W5Chassis is perfect for a wide variety of applications where an office style computer does not provide appropriate protection and a 19" rack is not available. The W5Chassis can be hung exposed on a wall in a factory, in a closet such as a security system, mounted on a drilling rig, and so forth. When the door is closed, it does not look like a computer which has high appeal for theft and vandalism mitigation.

A lockable door protects the installed components from prying hands. The door is sealed with fabric covered EMI gasket for both EMI and environmental sealing. The high quality locking compression latch sets the EMI gasket when the door is closed. Accessible behind the door is the power and reset switches as well as the power-on and drive activity LED's. A top cover protects the I/O cables and is interlocked with the door to prevent unauthorized access to the wiring. Conduit knockouts are provided on both sides.

The W5Chassis is designed for harsh environments and includes four 49CFM fans for cooling. The fans are mounted in hot swap carriers for easy field service. An optional fan monitoring board is available. A large air filter is mounted on the exterior bottom of the enclosure for easy cleaning. Access to the locked interior is not required for cleaning the filter.

The W5Chassis system is optimized for a variety of customer specified options including in-door LCD control panels and LCD displays up to 17" 1280x1024 in a vertical orientation. Customer specified paint, logo and silk screening are available for private labeling.

Key features of the W5Chassis include:

-- EATX (12x13") motherboard mounting - C5Chassis models

-- Passive backplane mounting - C5000 models

-- Two internal 3-1/2" hard drive mounting locations

-- Internal 5-1/4" drive tray including a slim floppy/cd adapter

-- Accommodates any PS/2 style power supply including redundant and DC input

-- Four high flow 90mm hotswap 49CFM fans

-- Filtered cooling air

-- Universal card hold down system for high vibration environments

-- Locking door

-- Cover over I/O cables interlocked with front locking door

-- Various options for front door mounted LCD control panels

-- Options for up to 17" 1280x1024 LCD mounted in door

-- Custom paint and logo available

"Working with key customers in the offshore oil exploration industry, Chassis Plans was able to engineer and manufacture a very rugged system for use in harsh environments" said David Lippincott, Founder and Chief Technologist of Chassis Plans. "Hurricane Katrina slammed the offshore drilling rigs and Chassis Plans' wall mount enclosures were some of the few pieces of equipment to survive."

The W5Chassis offers a unique blend of versatility and installed component protection in a low cost wall mount system.

The W5Chassis is in production. Contact Chassis Plans for pricing. OEM and quantity discounts are available. More information is available at

About Chassis Plans

Chassis Plans is a specialized designer and manufacturer of award-winning custom and COTS rack mount computer systems and LCDs for critical industrial and embedded applications such as telephony, imaging, instrumentation, control and other environments which require performance, ruggedness and reliability.

Chassis Plans products are manufactured in the USA to CE and UL standards, satisfying the industry's increasing demands for features and performance. All Chassis Plans products are backed by a full two-year warranty and Chassis Plans' engineer-oriented technical support. Chassis Plans is recognized as the fastest growing technology company in San Diego. Please visit for more information or e-mail at

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