Chassis Plans Announces High Availability 2U Rackmount Enclosure

Chassis Plans releases E9Chassis High Availability 2U Rack Mount Enclosure providing four hot swap 3-1/2" drives and two 5-1/4 drive bays for DVD and tape backup drives. Provision for redundant hot swap power supply and Chassis Plans' Long Life Industrial Motherboards results in mission critical applied computing platform.

Chassis Plans E9Chassis High Availability 2U Rackmount Chassis
Chassis Plans E9Chassis High Availability 2U Rackmount Chassis
Chassis Plans E9Chassis Industrial Rack Mount Computer
Chassis Plans E9Chassis Industrial Rack Mount Computer

San Diego, CA - August 14, 2007 - Chassis Plans released the E9Chassis today providing a mission critical qualified 2U rackmount chassis platform. The E9Chassis provides four hot swap drive bays for 3-1/2" SATA, SCSI, or EIDE drives allowing a high performance RAID implementation. Two 5-1/4" drive bays allow installation of higher performance DVD and tape drives not available in slim form factors more common in other 2U enclosures. A 3-1/2" drive position provides for a floppy drive and an internal 3-1/2" drive can be used for sensitive crypto data or an operating system allowing the RAID to be used exclusively for data storage.

The E9Chassis allows for installation of a redundant power supply. In conjunction with Chassis Plans' Long Life Industrial Motherboards such as the recently introduced Core Duo ATXP-965Q, these chassis features allows Chassis Plans to provide a high availability mission critical system with assured up time performance.

The chassis is well cooled with four mid-chassis 80mm 42CFM fans with cooling optimized for today's higher wattage high performance dual processor, quad core motherboards. Other fan options provide for additional cooling or lower noise. The E9Chassis will accept an EATX 12x13" Server Class motherboard.

"The E9Chassis continues Chassis Plans history of providing our customers high performance, high quality, high availability solutions for critical industrial and military applications." said David Lippincott, founder and Chief Technologist for Chassis Plans. "We listen to our customers and give them what they say they want, not what we want to build."

The E9Chassis is available providing mounting for three full-length full-height plug-in cards mounted horizontally. An alternative rear panel allows installation of seven low profile plug-in cards mounted vertically for high channel count systems.

Several custom options are available for the E9Chassis including enhanced cooling for high temperature installations, custom paint and logo, and chassis design enhancements to exactly meet customer specifications and requirements.

Pricing and Availability

The E9Chassis is currently shipping. Contact Chassis Plans for latest pricing.

Volume and OEM purchase programs are available.

About Chassis Plans

Chassis Plans is a recognized leader in manufacturing fully configured turn-key rackmount solutions for the industrial, rugged, and military markets. They manufacture 1U to 6U ATX and Single Board Computer systems tailored exactly to customer application requirements. They also manufacture a full line of rack mount and panel mount LCD displays and keyboard drawers.

Chassis Plans specializes in long-life product support offering unmatched in-house custom enclosure design, long-life industrial motherboards and SBC's with strict revision control and material obsolescence management for trouble free program deployment. Chassis Plans' Systems are Engineered to Perform!

All Chassis Plans products are backed by a full two-year warranty and Chassis Plans' engineer oriented technical support.

For more information about the E9Chassis or any other Chassis Plans product, call (858) 571-4330. You can also visit our website at or e-mail us at