CEC - New innovative product line from MPL

Ultra Compact Embedded Computer for extreme applications

Ultra Compact Embedded Computer for extreme applications
Ultra Compact Embedded Computer for extreme applications

MPL developed a new innovative ultra compact computer product line. Through highest possible integration and best engineering we achieved a tiny case dimensions of 62 x 162 x 120 mm (W x H x D).

Nevertheless the system is still based on the MPL typical product characteristics like; robustness, highest reliability, long term availability, low power consumption, as well as use in the extended temperature range. Of course the units require no fan or heat pipes and therefore work maintenance free in all positions.

As heart of the first boards, Intel Atom processors are used. With their unique key data (CPU power, power consumption), they are the ideal match for this new product line.

To guarantee long term availability, operation in the extended temperature range as well as to minimize the power consumption, we use the on-board soldered industrial grade Intel Atom processors Z5x0PT (1,1 GHz and 1,33GHz) as well as the Z5x0P (1.6GHz) in combination with the Poulsbo US15WPT chipset. This choice allows by design the use of the systems at full load in an operating temperature range from -40° up to +85°C!

The ultra compact computer offers many interfaces. By default several Gigabit Ethernets, USB 2.0, serial ports (RS232 or RS422/485), PS/2 and DVI-D are available. Further the unit can be expanded over a Mini PCI-Express interface (WLAN, Bluetooth, UMTS).

All connectors are soldered on-board, therefore no internal wiring is required, which results in highest operating safety. The interfaces are available on the bottom and top of the robust housing.

The wide input voltage range is specified for 8 to 36VDC. It is polarity and load dump protected. Hence the units are well suited for vehicle applications.

Up to 2 GB DDR2 SO-DIMM memory modules can be used. To guarantee the long term availability of storage media, we offer on-board two SATA interfaces. This allows an integrated SATA Disk-On-Module (DOM) and/or a 2.5“ SATA hard drive can be installed. MPL uses memory modules as well as storage media devices that are specified for the extended temperature.

For easy mounting the device has a DIN rail holder on the back. Further a version for wall mounting is available as well. For ideal service and use, all status LEDs as well as power- and reset-button are placed on the front panel.

The housing is a smaller version of our longtime, proven PIP case combined with stainless steel front plates. The unique, robust aluminum case offers best EMC characteristics and is thousand times approved. Based on the tiny case dimensions of 62 x 162 x 120 mm (W x H x D) the compact systems can be used in any application.

OEM solutions with your own color, own logo and/or own labeling are available as well. Further the concept allows customer specific interface adjustment to achieve the best solution according your needs.

The new developed devices of the Compact Embedded Computer product line can be used in many areas as e.g. industry, maritime, railways, and automation.

The CEC units are developed in Switzerland based on a 25 years long company tradition and huge know-how in lowest power consumption and extended temperature operation. According the company slogan „MPL High-Tech • Made in Switzerland“ all products are 100% produced in Switzerland by MPL AG.