BuyVia Extends Special Offer For GBP 9.99

BuyVia has extended its promo and in case you need to talk to our customer service representatives, just dial 01609 627 004!

Regent Street, London - Everyone wants to shop for their favourite goods and services as often as they want. Many times we are faced with having to budget our money to ensure there is enough to pay the monthly bills and utilities. This leaves a small amount that will make the shopping experience sad instead of enjoyable. Before accepting defeat and only daydreaming about owning your favourite products, try pay by direct debit.

"At BuyVia we aim to offer customers great deals on the products and services that they really want. We are a small start-up with a mission to give customers the best possible retail deals with just a few taps on their phone or laptop." Explains the BuyVia website.

Special Pricing Offer Extended!

Avid shoppers can always call the hotline: 01609 627 004 now and still get the special £9.99 offer. The once £19.99 a month subscription is now at 50% off with the same benefits as before. It is half the regular price with the full benefits of the package, what more can you ask for?

The small monthly fee allows shoppers access to products at massive discounts, a list of personalised offers that is generated from your own spending habits, a daily alert for deals before they are publicly announced. There are so many benefits that come with this plan, and at the current price, it is a deal that no savvy shopper can pass on.

"Thanks to the BuyVia Extended Package, not only was I able to save a lot from my shopping spree, but I was also able to access all the discount coupons for less! It is an amazing treat that I now look forward to on a monthly basis." Comments a satisfied customer after trying the discounted Extended coupon package.

Convenient Coupons

Everyone is now using coupons to save more money. Instead of spending hours perusing the newspapers and cutting physical coupons, get yours through pay by direct debit. All of your coupons will be sent directly to your email and you can use them right away to earn bigger and better savings.

With the help coupons, you will never again have to penny pinch just to afford a product you need. You can have them all, without ever paying for them at full price. The added value of never having to clip and sort coupons will also allow for a faster and better shopping experience that every customer deserves.

The Value Of Customer Support

At we believe that customers have the right to gain access to the information they need to make better purchasing decisions. Instead of using technological advances with artificial intelligence to address customer comments, suggestions, and questions the customer support line is handled by trained individuals who are happy to extend help when needed.

The next time you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call the hotline: 01609 627 004. Our customer support technicians are always available to take your call and provide you with the assistance you deserve.