ATP Readies 3D NAND SSDs For Embedded Applications

ATP announces its next generation of storage solutions utilizing the latest 3D NAND flash technologies.


Taipei, Taiwan (August 8, 2016) – ATP Electronics Inc., the leading manufacturer of embedded Flash and ruggedized SSD and DRAM modules, announces its next generation of storage solutions utilizing the latest 3D NAND flash technologies. Combined with ATP’s wafer packaging and testing capabilities, these new lines of 3D NAND based SSDs including M.2, mSATA, SlimSATA, 2.5” SSD, eUSB and memory cards, provides a new level of product differentiation targeting the industrial and embedded markets. ATP will showcase these new solutions and related products at the Flash Memory Summit 2016 from August 9 to 11, at the Santa Clara Convention Center, meeting room #205.

3D NAND technology is a transformational shift from the traditional SLC/MLC/TLC planar NAND technologies. It has become the new flash storage technology of choice, primarily focusing on both the client and enterprise SSD markets today. Inevitably the 3D NAND usage will propagate to the embedded markets such as industrial, IoT, medical, automotive and telecom. To be at the forefront of this technology shift, ATP has taken the initiative to adopt 3D NAND for its next generation embedded SSDs, in order to gain early understanding on the ins&outs of 3D NAND under extreme conditions, in order to better provide the solutions suitable for these niche markets where traditionally SLC/MLC technologies were deployed. In addition, by taking 3D NAND wafers to package its own BGAs and TSOPs and testing to specifications, ATP is able to provide a multitude of various chip densities using DDP, QDP and even ODP die-stacking while using the same wafer stock. This provides not only the flexibility in supply chain, but also enables ATP to ramp multiple product densities quickly. These new ATP 3D NAND solutions benefit the embedded customers with the high reliable, high available yet cost-effective storage solutions while mitigating supply risks in this volatile market.

In addition, at the FMS 2016 show, ATP will also share its experiences in addressing the challenges due to NAND technology limitations by the demanding embedded application requirements, with a presentation titled “Optimizing Embedded SSDs for Performance and Beyond: A Prevention-Report-Analysis”, on Wednesday Aug 10th, from 3:50pm-4:55pm at the Open Session 203-B, and also on Thursday, August 11th, from 10:15-10:30AM at the FMS Theater

For more details about the latest 3D NAND based products and solutions, please contact your local ATP representatives, or email .

About ATP

ATP is a leading manufacturer of high performance, high quality and durable NAND flash memory solutions as well as DRAM memory modules. With over twenty years of experience in the design, manufacturing and support of memory products, ATP continues to focus on business critical applications such as industrial automation, telecom, medical, enterprise computing and automotive where high levels of technical support, performance consistency and wide operating temperature ranges are required. For more information on ATP, please contact us at or visit