Aselta Nanographics (France) to Create an Optimized Dataprep Flow for KLA-Tencor's REBL Multibeam Lithography System

Aselta Module Offers Best Combination of Resolution, Pattern Fidelity and Reduced Writing Time

GRENOBLE - Aselta, a supplier of advanced dataprep software solutions, today announced it will create an optimized dataprep flow module based on Inscale™ for KLA-Tencor's REBL electron beam lithography system.

The challenge of advanced multi-beam writers, especially at 20nm and below, is to find the optimal trade-off between wafer pattern fidelity, which drives yield, and writing time for ultimate cost reduction. Inscale proposes a unique trade-off between pattern fidelity and writing time, allowing customers to reduce cost while augmenting quality.

Inscale’s strength is its accuracy thanks to some unique fast simulation capabilities that take into account the different effects of the lithography process, including REBL e-beam specifics, resist characteristics, and etch conditions. The Proximity Effect Correction is performed along with Image Processing to minimize the effects of multi-beam dispersion. This flow runtime is highly scalable using standard market high-performance computing and is configurable according to customers’ requirements.

"With Inscale support of KLA-Tencor’s REBL system architecture and writing strategy, customers will be able to maximize their REBL hardware benefits,” said Christopher Bevis, principal investigator, REBL Program, KLA-Tencor. “Inscale will directly interface with REBL through a KLA-Tencor specific format with the end goal of driving customer yield and reducing costs.”

"Aselta and KLA-Tencor’s collaboration will benefit our common customers," stated Serdar Manakli, chairman and CEO of Aselta. "The combination of Aselta’s advanced dataprep with KLA-Tencor’s REBL multi-beam writer will deliver previously unreachable resolution and accuracy in direct write lithography, as well as improved pattern fidelity and reduced writing time.”


ASELTA is a privately funded French company providing software environment mostly for the e-beam market. A CEA-LETI spin-off, incorporated in November 2009, ASELTA has production customers benefiting from its technology. Its unique architecture allows customers to increase resolution, accuracy and reduce writing time for their e-beam equipment with a seamless plug-and-play environment. Its corporate headquarter is located at Minatec BHT, 7, parvis Louis Néel, BP50, 38040 Grenoble cedex.

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