Acromag celebrates 50th Anniversary

Acromag prepares to commemorate 50 years as a leading manufacturer of measurement and control devices. Wixom, MI: Founded in 1957 by Henry Patton, Acromag pioneered the use of magnetic amplifiers for measurement and control applications. Now 50 years later, Acromag is widely recognized as a leading manufacturer of I/O devices for process instrumentation, industrial control networks, and bus-board embedded computer systems.

Acromag products are used around the globe in myriad applications ranging from the tempering of butter for a large-scale bakery to mothballing jet fighters in humidity-free bags to positioning mirrors for lasers attempting fusion ignition and everything in between. If some process operation needs to be measured or controlled, there is a good chance that Acromag I/O products are involved.

“In the early years, the dominance of pneumatic controls eventually gave way to electronic controls," said David Wolfe, Acromag president. “With the versatility of electronics, expansions in functionality, such as alarming, annunciation, monitoring, and control began to develop. Today Acromag stands as a key supplier of instruments that bring field I/O signals to all types of computer systems. Now serving a wide variety of industries, Acromag provides I/O solutions for markets such as petrochemical, water, power, gas, as well as, defense, aerospace and scientific. This versatility paves the way for growth into the future. Acromag's focus on these markets has led to a close relationship between the customer's needs and product performance. After many years of watching our competition come and go, Acromag is thriving and poised to grow rapidly in the years to come.”

Acromag has two product divisions. The Process Division supports customers such as DuPont, Exxon, Caterpillar, Kraft, Fluor, and Duke Energy. Process products include signal conditioners, signal isolators, alarm trips, and distributed I/O modules. The Embedded Division provides I/O boards in VMEbus, CompactPCI, PCI, PMC and Industry Pack form factors. Typical embedded customers include Raytheon, Boeing, Sandia Labs, NASA, and ASML.

A series of company events are planned to commemorate the 50th anniversary. An employee celebration is scheduled for Monday, September 17.

For more information about Acromag products, call the Inside Sales Department at (248) 295-0880 or Marketing Communications at (248) 295-0865, FAX (248) 624-9234. Write Acromag at P.O. Box 437, Wixom, MI 48393-7037 USA. Our web site address is

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Shown: Acromag then and now. At the 1959 NEC Show (top) and website home page image (bottom) with PMC I/O module, signal conditioners, and Ethernet I/O modules.