AAEON's newest Panel PCs defines Toughness and Cost-effectiveness in Industrial Computing

AAEON®, a major developer of industrial computing solutions, today launches the AHP-1123 and AHP-2173 panel PCs for a wide range of industrial applications.

Powered by the Intel® Atom™ D2550 processors for the AHP-1123 and the Intel® 4th Generation i3/i5/i7 processors for the AHP-2173, these panel PCs are rated at IP65, signifying their high level of resistance against water, dust and shock. Coupled with a wide operating temperature, specifically -20°C - 50°C for the AHP-1123 and -20°C - 60°C for the AHP-2173, the PCs are ideal for system monitoring and as human machine interfaces in places where extreme conditions are expected, such as outdoor laboratories and automated production lines.

Both models adopt a fanless design and involved almost no moving parts, ensuring minimal noise during operation and reducing the risk of mechanical breakdowns.Heat is vented out of the system through a huge heat sink that also served as the PCs’ back panel. To ease maintenance and installation, not only is the back panel fitted with only 6 screws, it is also wall-mountable using a VESA wall mount. To further expand on usability, both models are designed to be compatible with adjustable tablet stands and can be easily embedded into walls or other vertical surfaces. Furthermore, wide arrays of expansion slots are available on both models to provide users with a versatile device that can best cater to their needs.

For the AHP-2173, its capabilities are further enhanced with an aluminium casing and an enlarged 17” screen. Compared with the lower-tier AHP-1123, which sports a plastic casing and a 12” screen, high heat tolerances offered by the metal chasis can withstand challenges from even more hostile environments, such as in steel mills, automobile factories as well as other heavy industries.

Besides appealing to potential customers through performance, AAEON will be releasing the PCs at a competitive price in this heavily contested market.

“Both the AHP-1123 and AHP-2173 are designed to strike the sweet spot between price and performance” said Alan Chou, Product Manager of AAEON’s Panel Applicance and Automation Disivion, “Through a series of costing cutting measures during production, we managed to bring the price down and hoped to gain more customer acceptance. Once this is accomplished, we can continue to expand our panel PC business by bringing in more new and exciting models for even wider and tougher applications”.

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