AAEON Enters the 4K Realm with EPIC-BDU7

AAEON®, a major developer of industrial computing solutions, unveils the most advanced entry in their EPIC form factor board lineup, the EPIC-BDU7.

The EPIC-BDU7 comes equipped with Intel®’s 5th Generation Core™ Processors, delivering high performance at a very low power consumption of 15W. Intel®’s latest processors bring enhanced graphics processing capabilities with support for 4K resolution video and media content while offering 3-independent displays from the board’s LVDS, VGA, DisplayPort, and eDP options. Support for the latest operating systems and today’s high speed I/O devices are available in this new generation of product.

AAEON’s innovative board layout for the EPIC form factor places the CPU on the solder side of the board, simplifying system mechanical design for optimized thermal solutions. Adding to the already extensive I/O features such as USB, COM, SATA, and PCIe sockets, the EPIC-BDU7 also offers a PCI-104 slot, allowing multiple peripheral cards to be stacked on top of the main board.

With the powerful graphics performance of this generation of CPU, the EPIC-BDU7 meets the demands of graphics intensive applications such as virtual mirrors, which are becoming a common feature at fashion retailers for virtual fittings before customers make their purchases. The board is also an ideal solution for graphics rendering applications in the medical industry.

“The ability to cater to our clients’ requirement is as important as the board itself. That’s why we also customize our boards, such as adding touchscreen support, TPMs or incorporating low profile designs”, said Alicia Wang, Product Manager of AAEON’s Embedded Computing Division. “The EPIC boards are traditionally used in Industrial Automation, but with such advanced graphics performance and customization support, the EPIC-BDU7 is ready to make the move to other uses”.