2U Rack Console Features Triple LCD Displays With 5760 x 1080 Full HD Maximum Resolution

Protected in a rugged aluminum housing with key lock mechanism, three connectors for each panel combined with display port, HDMI, or DVI video input, and adjustable depth for bracket room.

Acnodes Corporations, a leading manufacturer of industrial and embedded computer platforms and technologies, introduced today the launch of KD8173T, a triple LCD panel rack console. Each LCD panel features a 17.3” display with resolution of 1920 x 1080 offering a maximum resolution of 5760 x 1080 combined. Other features include rugged aluminum housing with key lock mechanism, three connectors for each panel including display port, HDMI, or DVI video input, and keyboard with touch pad.

The 2U high rack console exhibits a triple screen set up, with a keyboard with touch pad through USB. The size of each panel is 17.3 inch with 300 nit brightness, 400:1 contrast ratio, 262K color, 8ms response, and LED backlight. The primary video input is for the display port, and the second and third port can be a combination of HDMI, DVI, or display port. With HDMI option it can connector with the amplified stereo speakers.

The aluminum housing has a dual rail design. A key locking mechanism locks the drawer when it is in the full recess position. The durable housing provides exterior protection while the system provides interior protection. In the operating environment, the temperature can withstand from 0C to 50C, the humidity can tolerate from 5~95%, non-condensing, 15,000 feet altitude, the shock resists at 15g, 11ms, and vibration at 20~60GHZ, 0.075mm. In the storage environment, the temperature can withstand from -20C to 50C, humidity tolerates at 5~95%, non-condensing, 40,000 feet altitude, the shock can resist at 50g, 11ms, and vibration at 10~50GHz, 0.15mm. The drop can handle from 3 feet heights free drop in both environments.

The dimension is 19” (W) x 3.5” (H) x 23.1” (D), but room for bracket can extend the adjustable depth to 35.6”. The weight is 39 lbs. The power supply is of wide range 100V~240V AC power input.

To learn more on the KD8173T, please visit our website at www.acnodes.com/monitor-keyboard-drawer/lcd-key[...]

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