16 Channels 4-20mA/0-10V to RS485/232 Modbus Converters


>> 16 channels analog signal acquisition, isolated converter RS-485/232 output

>> 24-bit AD converter, accuracy>0.05%

>> 4-20mA/0-20mA current signal or 0-5V/0-10V voltage signal input

>> RS-485/232 interface can be programmed calibration module accuracy

>> Signal input / output:3000VDC isolation

>> Wide supply range: 8 ~ 32VDC

>> High reliability, easy programming, easy to apply

>> Standard DIN35 rail mounting

>> User-programmable settings module address, baud rate, etc.

>> Support the Modbus RTU protocol

>> AD conversion rate can be programmed

>> Size:120x60x43mm

Product List:

WJ29 - U(A)□ - □

Input voltage or current signal Communication Interface

U1: 0-5V A1: 0-1mA 485: RS-485 output interface

U2: 0-10V A2: 0-10mA 232: RS-232 output interface

U3: 0-75mV A3: 0-20mA

U4: 0-2.5V A4: 4-20mA

U5: 0-±5V A5: 0-±1mA

U6: 0-±10V A6: 0-±10mA

U7: 0-±100mV A7: 0-±20mA

U8: user-defined A8: user-defined

Selection Samples:

Part No.:WJ29-A4-485 (means 16 channels 4-20mA input,ouput is RS485 interface)

Part No.:WJ29-U1-232 (means 16 channels 0-5V input,output is RS232 interface)

Part No.:WJ29-U2-485 (means 16 channels 0-10V input,output is RS485 interface)

Part No.:WJ29-U8-485(U8:0-12V) (means 16 channels 0-12V input,output is RS485 interface)

How to set Modbus RTU communication protocol:

Module default protocol is character communications protocol. If you need to set the module to Modbus RTU protocol, please follow these settings:

1. Put INIT switch to INIT position.

2. Connect the power cord and the communication interface cable.

3. Turn on the power, the module enters the default state automatically, address 00, baud rate 9600.

4. Wait 5s, module is initialization.

5. Send the command $00P1(cr), check the response, if is !00 (cr), set successfully.

6. Turn off the power, INIT switch to the NORMAL position.

7. The module has been set to the Modbus RTU protocol mode successfully.

AD conversion rate: 80 SPS (factory default, the user can