11 Mistakes To Avoid When Converting Your Loft

Here are some reminders from loft conversion specialists in case you are toying with the idea of fixing that loft and creating a more functional space.

Walsall, UK - Loft conversions in West Midlands fall in between a minor and major home renovation project. Whether it is a big or small project, homeowners try their best to keep the cost of loft conversion at a minimum. Avoid the following mistakes to lessen the cost of loft conversions Walsall or loft conversion in West Midlands:

Not Hiring A Loft Specialist

Undertaking the loft conversion as a DIY project or with an inexperienced builder is a major mistake. A specialist is needed to ensure everything goes according to plan.

Forgetting To Factor Contractor Connection

The project can last at least 7 weeks until it is completed, homeowners are encouraged to hire a contractor they can trust and work with harmoniously to avoid arguments that cause costly delays.

Insisting On A Poor Design

The loft conversion in West Midlands specialist will work hard to ensure the designs for the new loft is flawless. Take their suggestions into account to avoid building a loft that does not reach its full potential.

Not Budgeting For Delays

Like with any home renovation projects it is important to factor in the cost of potential delays to avoid going over budget in the middle of the conversion.

Rushing The Process

Trying to push the loft conversion specialist to finish the job as early as possible can lead to a lot of costly repairs in the future. Allow the experts to work at their own pace to ensure the results live up to your vision and expectations.

Bad Staircase Positioning

The placement of the staircase will have a major impact in the entire home. It must be in an area that does not disrupt the natural flow of the house and should provide balance to the property.

Forgetting To Adjust The HVAC System

A loft should be a comfortable space all year round. This is only possible when the HVAC system is connected to include the new loft to provide ample heating during the winter and cool air during the summer.

No Space For Storage

Using the extra attic space as a loft means losing some of your storage space. Make sure to plan where you can store the boxes and clutter before the attic has been converted.

Overcrowding The Loft

Don’t get too excited and put everything you want in the new loft. Usually, the floor space is very limited so work with the loft specialist to create a design that does not overcrowd the area.

Not Getting A Planning Permit

Check with your local council to see if you are required to get a planning permit to do a loft conversion inside your home.

Thin Soundproofing

A loft should be a place of peace and solitude; this can only be achieved by ample soundproofing. Without thick layers of soundproofing material, the purpose of the loft can be moot.

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