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andersDX adds larger screens to Bay Trail Embedded Display Platform

Ludivine ZAJICEK

The new 12.1” DX86 features an optically bonded display for better contrast and improved sunlight readability. The 15.6” will ship with a high brightness display (1000cd/m) which has also been optically bonded. andersDX DX86 is an Intel based plug and play Evaluation Kit allowing developers to rapidly proof out new product concepts and build prototypes. DX86 Evaluation Kits are all based on the same fanless motherboard, featuring a choice of Bay Trail dual core 1.58GHz N2807 or quad core 1.83GHz N2930 CPUs, running Windows Embedded 7 (WES) and are pre-integrated with the PCAP touch screen assembly.

Commenting, Rhett Evans, Embedded Sales Manager at Anders Electronics Plc, said, “andersDX DX86 Embedded Display Platforms are highly flexible, allowing the platform to be tailored to suit an individual application in terms of, display size, cabling, screen glass, backlighting, processor speed and interfaces. Developers can rapidly create a prototype using the Evaluation kit, and when the time comes, move from proof of concept to the development of a production unit. At this stage, the DX86 platform provides enormous flexibility of screen choice, interfaces, specifications and driver software.

“The standard DX86 platforms may be perfectly fine for most applications but if there is something special required then our customers are encouraged to discuss a more tailored solution for their production rollout.”

The DX86 Evaluation Kit is ready to use, allowing customers to get proof of concept prototypes up and running in a few days using off the shelf Windows applications and drivers. It ships with 4GB RAM, 16GB mSATA SSD, a power supply and a selection of interface cables.

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About andersDX

andersDX, a division of Anders Electronics plc, is a display interface specialist dedicated to making electronic systems easier and more enjoyable to use.

Focussing on non-consumer electronic systems, it uses its expertise in display, embedded computing and touch control technology to help its customers differentiate their products through exceptional user interface design. andersDX integrates standard or customised products together to create a complete display based solutions appropriate to its customers’ needs, expectations, volume and budgets. Where appropriate, andersDX will design and implement a custom solution.