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Interactive demo of Smart City for IoT World


Unfettered communication enabled through the Internet of Things for connected devices is set to revolutionise entire industries. We have chosen Smart City as a bright example of what can be available in the very near future. Here what you will be able to see at our booth #460:

Smart Home

In Kaa Smart City, smart homes provide full remote control over essential home appliances such as a climate system, lighting devices, and home multimedia via a single mobile app. Citizens can use smartphones to adjust the climate conditions in their houses, switch lights, play music, look through photos on a photoframe, and more.

Smart Energy

The smart energy solutions enable full visibility of the energy production, distribution, and consumption in Kaa Smart City. These IoT-powered systems and applications allow the city to achieve maximum efficiency in everyday energy management.

Connected Car

Connected cars in Kaa Smart City can interact with the road infrastructure and smart buildings.

Smart Traffic Control

Smart traffic control is a part of the smart road infrastructure in which traffic lights make decisions based on the real-time analysis of the road conditions.

Smart Irrigation

Using a simple mobile application, you can trigger the watering process for the required period as well as keep track of the amount of water both consumed and left in the reservoir.

Smart Advertising

These solutions are implemented into electronic billboards to enable selective or context-aware advertising, as with the LED screen that displays social media messages, chosen by a particular criteria.

All the demo examples of the smarter future will be brought by Kaa IoT Platform, which gives a power to turn dreams into reality much faster. Come over and try it by yourself!

Source: CyberVision