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MPL AG Announces New Rugged Gigabit Ethernet Switch Solution - Swiss Made

MPL AG Switzerland
Rugged 5 Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch
Rugged 5 Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch

MPL's Gigabit Ethernet Switch Family has been expanded with the 3rd Generation MAGBES-20 product line, still with the same Fit, Form & Function. The additional feature is that the copper Ethernet ports are now available on lockable headers as well. Plus to simplify the integration as a stand-alone product, the input voltage range has been extended from 5-36VDC and uses under any condition less than 4W.

The MAGBES solution is extremely compact and can be used as

- Open frame solution

- In a standard MPL CEC housing

- In a MIL housing with connectors of your choice.

Like the other MAGBES product lines, the versatile design allows different combinations of of the five ports. The implementation of the fiber ports on hot pluggable SFP slots enhances the versatility further, due to the wide range of different SFPs available on the market. The MAGBES supports all SFPs which are MSA compliant and Ethernet compatible.

The MAGBES products support features such as

• Configurable via Web Interface or Command line Interface

▫ Port-based and IEEE 802.1Q VLAN

▫ IEEE 802.1D Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol

▫ IEEE 802.1X MAC Address Checking

▫ Quality of Service

▫ SNMP Support

▫ Port monitoring

▫ Switch Statistics

• Digital diagnostic monitoring (DDM) according SFF-8472 (models with SFP Slot)

• Firmware Update via Web Interface

• Down- and upload-able configuration files in XML format

• Fanless operation in environments from -40°C to 85°C

The MAGBES can be used as stand-alone product or in a PC/104 or PC/104-Plus stack. The stacked variant uses only the 5V power from the stack. In addition, the product is available as built-in solution for MPL's Embedded Industrial Computers (PIP). The size of the module is very small and according the mechanical PC/104 specification.