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Adeneo Embedded announces new Windows Embedded CE 6.0 trainings with FREE ARM-based development kits

Adeneo Embedded

Adeneo Embedded provides this technical level of training for developers who require an in-depth understanding of all Windows Embedded CE 6.0 internal mechanisms, to implement this platform into their design.

Training sessions are managed by Developers for Developers, and based on Microsofts Official Course for Windows Embedded CE 6.0. Attendees will benefit from 4 days of technical training combined with hands-on labs using a complete ARM-based development platform from one of the following Silicon Vendors: Atmel, Freescale and Texas Instruments. Adeneo Embedded offers each attendee the ARM-based development kit used during the training as a special FREE gift.

See which board is provided with the updated schedule on our website:[...]:=1357&documentid=457

Beyond that, Adeneo Embedded provides a book on Windows Embedded 6.0 fundamentals and a preparation kit for Windows Embedded CE certification.

Source: Adeneo Embedded