Industrial Embedded Systems E-letter - November 2015

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November/December 2015
Maximize automation network performance with real-time Industrial Ethernet
By B&R Industrial Automation Corp. and Ethernet Powerlink Standardization Group
Industrial Ethernet provides higher bandwidth, more performance, and the ability to connect more network nodes at longer distances.
How system operating conditions affect CMOS op amp open-loop gain and output impedance
By Miro Oljaca and Collin Wells, Texas Instruments
Operational amplifiers are used in many systems across a broad range of applications. These systems operate over a wide range of conditions. Op amp open-loop gain and open-loop output impedance are the two main small-signal AC parameters that affect the stability and frequency response of an op amp circuit.
Perceptual computing in industrial embedded systems
By Rory Dear, European Editor/Technical Contributor
Perceptual computing, whilst a relatively new term, is far from a new technology and one engineers have struggled with truly realizing for decades past.
Ensuring trust in IoT with Trusted Platform Modules and Trusted Brokered IO
By Brandon Lewis, Technology Editor
While connecting previously isolated devices on the Internet of Things (IoT) yields countless possibilities, it has also forced industry to reconsider how these seemingly harmless edge systems could be leveraged with malicious intent if not properly secured. In this interview with thought leaders from the Trusted Computing Group (TCG), Steve Hanna of Infineon and Stefan Thom of Microsoft discuss why security must begin at the hardware level, and explain how the TCG's Trusted Platform Module (TPM) and Trusted Brokered IO specifications are evolving to meet the requirements of the IoT.
Raspberry Pi goes custom for industrial, commercial applications
By Monique DeVoe, Managing Editor
Raspberry Pi Trading is partnering exclusively with element14 to provide customized Raspberry Pi A, B/B+, Compute, and Pi 2 model designs for use in industrial and commercial applications. This is the first time customized Raspberry Pi boards are available.
Industry 4.0 has to prove it's worth the money
By Andreas Mangler, Rutronik
The technological basis for Industry 4.0 has long been available but what is often lacking is the courage to make it a reality. Promises of efficiency increases, even with smaller quantities and custom production of single products, are linked to costs and security risks. But for most companies, there is no alternative.
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Embedded Computing Design magazine
How to get ready to design for
USB Type-C
By Jacek Duda, Cadence Design Systems
There has certainly been a fair amount of buzz and discussion about the latest USB specification. Apple, for example, designed its newest MacBook with a single port USB Type-C for charging, data transfer, and video output. As the MacBook demonstrates, with USB Type-C we can ultimately see more electronic devices that operate on a single, functionally rich cable based on this standard.
Microchip Technology Inc.
dsPIC33EP "GS" Family for Digtal Power Applications
Isola Group
Isola Expands Its Portfolio of Halogen-free PCB Materials for High-end Mobile Applications
Innovative Integration
New Single Board computer with HPC FMC IO Sites
Combines Zynq Z7045 SoC with FMC IO module in a compact, stand alone design
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Beyond 2G Migrating a Path to LTE for M2M and IoT Devices

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Building Industrial IoT with WISE-PaaS and Open-Gateway

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Presented by: Advantech

Building versatile noise-immune capacitive touch solutions with MSP430™ MCUs featuring CapTIvate™ technology

December 2nd 11:00 AM EST
Presented by: Avnet
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