Industrial @ Embedded Systems Conference

1As chair of the “Robotics, Motor Control, and More Change Makers” track at ESC SV 2010, I helped select sessions that can give a leg up to industrial embedded designers.

Greetings to hardware engineers, software developers, system architects, and decision makers working on everywhere. It's time again for Silicon Valley 2010, and to me, it's about designing the future. We're here to help designers of embedded systems grow and succeed as exciting changes happen.

I looked at the "industrial"-focused proposals and noticed a theme that reflects the change I'm seeing today – Robotics, Motor Control, and More Industrial Change Makers. This track includes three sessions from expert presenters who are hitting the changes and know how to deal with them head-on:

    Designing Power-Efficient Motor Control: Designers are under pressure to improve energy efficiency while driving down costs and complexity without sacrificing performance. If there's a motor in your present or future, this needs to be on your list of sessions to attend, because energy efficiency will be on your list of problems to solve.

    Top Three Challenges in Robotics: Everyone wants better batteries, better actuators, and better software, with the prize being a place in an industry projected to grow to $470 billion by the end of this decade. If you're interested in robotics, thinking about these ideas now will put you in an excellent position to be part of this excitement and growth.

    Software Design For Smart Screens: User interface design, increasingly with a range of multimedia at hand, can make or break any product. Smart screens require smarter engineering, and this session will help prepare engineers to deal with the challenge and overcome it with better designs.

I hope you agree this track isn't concentrating on the usual industrial fare – something I've tried to achieve in my coverage of industrial topics in my publications. I invite you to see the difference and come learn from the best minds in these and other sessions at this year's conference. See you in San Jose, and be sure to say hi sometime during the week.