Going “off grid” with Duke Energy and Real-Time Innovations – 3/19 Live Event

The benefits of microgrids have become apparent to critical infrastructure and other entities in recent years, not just because of changing utility costs and architectures, but also due to the increased presence of cyber threats and the potentially devastating impact they pose for national and regional energy interests. To mitigate these challenges, distributed energy resource (DER) models have been developed to enable responsive control at the edge of networks, though these new frameworks pose significant questions around scalability and reliability.

In a live event on 3/19, Stuart Laval, Manager of Technology Development at Duke Energy will join David Barnett, VP of Products and Markets at RTI in “Standards for Autonomous and Secure Microgrids,” an OpenSystems Media E-cast that will detail microgrid interoperability standards, accelerating software and device development in the energy sector, and reducing utility integration costs. The program will include an overview of Duke Energy’s Distributed Intelligence Platform reference architecture and the company’s Open Field Message Bus (OpenFMB) framework, as well as a discussion of how the Object Management Group’s (OMG’s) Data Distribution Service (DDS) middeware specification is being used to support these initiatives.

The 60-minute presentation begins at 11 AM EDT. Registration is free and open to the public at http://ecast.opensystemsmedia.com/530.